Friday, November 20, 2015

How'd That Happen?

 I have no idea how I managed to finish the Biscuit cowl with everything else going on around here. I must have been knitting in my sleep.

Now I need to block the pretty little thing but I am not sure how to go about it since it's round. Hmmmm...any ideas?


  1. It looks great even unblocked.. but here's some good instructions on how to block.
    You're gonna love how the Slinky Cat blocks... it just takes shape sooooo well.

  2. No idea. but the creativity in blogland abounds...cant wait to see what the wise onessay

  3. Nice finish! I want to make one of these, too, so will be interested in the blocking advice.

  4. I put mine around a pot.

    It's very beautiful. Of course you could just fold it in half and pin down the halves if you do not have a pot wide enough.

  5. Oh a cowl! I love the texture and detail. If it feels half as soft as it looks you've got a dream right there.

    My cowl blocking method is boring. I just double it and block it.

  6. Great job on the knitting! I lay it down filed in half and pin it out. It will look fine however you do it!