Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Soap: Tested

My bathroom is filled with little samples to test from a soap making spree that took place six weeks ago. I was just getting over the mystery itch and I wanted soap that was fun but mild so I did a lot of experimenting.

My plain Jane bar is oatmeal, honey and yogurt. Simple as it seems, it took me two tries to get it right but this is just what I wanted. Nothing fancy schmancy here. It even passed the face test which is usually reserved for glycerin soap only.

 The Pumpkin Soy Latte soap has lots of creamy bubbles thanks to the soy milk and coffee butter. Those grounds feel so nice and scrubby and it smells like you just walked into Starbucks in October. The Mister loves it.

 The lather on the Coconut Lime bars is outstanding thanks to coconut milk and mango butter. This is a nice hard bar with great bubbles and a scent that is so yummy. Thanks again Soxieknitter for all the soapy supplies. Don't forget to pm me your address on Ravelry. I'll have yours sent out asap.

 Alas, the Pumpkin Pie soap is a disappointment. It's a bit gummy. I added carrot powder as a colorant for a reason I can't explain and it's apparently not a good thing. The cocoa line that looked so pretty makes a mess once it gets wet. I hate sloppy soap.

This fragrance oil had a lot of vanilla in it so it darkened in the weird way that I've heard that it does. The middle didn't change at all. Interesting but yucky.

That loaf isn't getting gifted. It's staying right here with me. It's a bit of an ugh even though the piping is really pretty.

For those who asked about the sock yarn, it is Patons Kroy in the Blue Striped Rag colorway. It's not terribly soft but it feels like it will be warm and wear well. I got it at Micheal's-with a coupon!


  1. You sure have done well with the saponification lessons!
    Beautiful results! I especially like the coconut lime bar!
    Thanks for the yarn specs, too.

  2. You will adore the Kroy socks after a few washes. It really softens up. It's Mom's go-to yarn for man-socks, since the gents tend to be harder on their socks than us ladies. It does wear really well.

  3. Looks like you are having lots of soapy fun!

  4. Well look at you all sudsy! Your soaps are great.
    Coupons are the best!!!! Wishing you a good week with your dad

  5. You always make soap-making look so fun and easy --- which I'm sure it is not. That Pumpkin Spice Latte soap looks and sounds so luxurious.

  6. I love the soap test report! I think the coconut lime speaks to me, I'll blame my Thai ethnicity for the stirrings. Well that, and it sounds like a dreamy Popsicle!