Monday, November 16, 2015

An Ikea Christmas

 Right after Halloween Ikea puts out its Christmas offerings. Every year Daughter and I make a mad rush to get there before it's all gone. I made it up on Saturday. There was plenty to be had but I only came home with these three things. I am going to admit that after the events in Paris, the ginormous weekend crowd gave me the heebie jeebies. I dashed in and out.

 I did score new cookie tins. My old ones are a bit grubby. It's time to retire them to pet treat tins.

 My favorite ginger cookies were stacked in pretty tins to the ceiling. I should have bought two.

 I did make a quick run to the inner sections of the giant building to snatch up another of these amazing comforters. I already own a large one for the bed. It's like sleeping in a temperature controlled cloud. They are light but oh, so warm and cozy. I LOVE mine and now I have a mini version for winter couch naps.

I didn't find this at Ikea. The Mister brought it home from our neighborhood liquor/grocery store this morning. You know what this means? It's fruitcake weather.


  1. Now that comforter is something I would love-everyone fights for the one I was gifted years and years ago!
    The cookies look delicious!

  2. I want to have those cookies! I too am avoiding crowds. I've never liked crowds. Going to the Baseball games in Chicago is too much crowd for me, but in the open air I feel I can do it

  3. OO good finds! My husband never takes me. Like once a year. So rude, right? He goes a lot for work so I think there is no shine for him, and he does not the idea of me lingering in there. I hate being rushed.

  4. Wow, the holiday season is creeping up so fast! Love ginger cookies, especially homemade ones.