Friday, November 13, 2015

Ouchies on the Thirteenth

All that hand sewing has taken a toll on my poor fingers. They are poked full of holes.

 When I am not sewing felt to felt I am in no mood to pick up any other little needles. My pour sampler is getting dusty and my Thanksgiving turkey hooking project is still in the closet where it will probably stay until next November.

As for dear Paloma....uh, uh. It hurts just to look at her.


  1. Now that's too bad.. Can you knit , okay?!

  2. But you are helping so very much. Ouch. Fingers are most sensitive right?? I'll donate blood anyday but the finger poke for hemoglobin kills me

  3. Oh dear, your poor fingers! It hurts to look at them. I hope you can at least knit!

  4. Ouch!! You have proof though that you've been hard at work. ;>)