Thursday, November 19, 2015

A New Toy

 I need to stay away from Pinterest. Pinterest and Amazon are an evil combination. I saw a holiday card I wanted to make and the next thing I knew this thing showed up.

 Isn't it cute?

It embosses and cuts dies but I don't have any dies yet so I can't show that off. It does come with an embossing folder.

 In case you don't know what that is ( I didn't) it's folded plastic that you put paper inside.

You make a sandwich out of it with the plastic plates that come with it and roll it through like a pasta machine.

 This is what the embossing folder makes that comes with the machine.

I bought this folder separately from Amazon for Christmas card making.

Of course, after a short playtime I was to sad to have to pack it away because......

 ....who's got time to play when their house looks like this. I'm still deep into gingerbread land. Two houses down and one to go plus that blankety blank roof that is worrying me to death. The end is in sight though. This should all be a distant memory by Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed.


  1. I would want to play with the cards too, but responsibility first, right?

    At least that's what I kept telling myself today to get all my housework done.

  2. Creative Mind
    Creative Genius.
    Good luck with the ROOF

  3. Pinterest + Amaznon = evil, hahahha! You are so funny! I admit I was thinking, you're in danger girl! You do so much already, then I saw the embossing ... swoon city!

    I hope your Gingerbread sentence comes to an end soon. hehe, even though it's great work for a great event!

  4. Wow! You do keep busy, don't you? Stitch on!

  5. Mercy! It has been crazy! The new toy will be fun....soon you will get to play!

  6. What's wrong with your house? Isn't that how a house is supposed to look? ;)
    I've resisted the dye-cut machines so far, but who knows what will happen when I see your cards?