Friday, November 6, 2015

Fast Friday

I know some of you are trying to blog everyday for Nablopomo (or something like that) and today I feel your pain. After the two weeks I've had, I've got nothing. I do have this faux knit fleece for kitty and doggie beds that I picked up at Joanne's last week to show off but that's it. I haven't got time to fool around with the blog right now. I've got a damn giant gingerbread house to build sew.

Oh...and before I'm off to get busy with a needle, have you seen this?

 If I wasn't so busy, I'd sooooo be doing this KAL.

It's a mystery shawl and it's called The Doodler.
Happy Friday!


  1. It's been a rough week here but this video brought a smile to my face!

  2. I hate it when life interferes with my knitting!

  3. You are doing such great stuff with your sewing for the GINGERBREAD theme

  4. You are doing so much good with the Gingerbread work.