Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweater Weather

I am still at Daughter's condo (the one over a Whole Foods!) but before I left I took a walk with the camera so I would have something more to post about this week than two grumpy grandkitties.
It was the first time I needed a sweater to get through Pup's morning stroll. It's not exactly cold but it is getting chilly.

I've been in socks for a while now. I was surprised to see how many new additions I have to my sock collection. I must have been busy this summer.

 It just starts looking like fall around here at Halloween. You can see how much green we still have in the trees.

There's a bit of yellow here and there.

 On my backyard path I found these but I had no idea where they came from.

After a bit of a hike, I found the tree. The wind must have blown those pretty leaves quite a distance.

The Mister's wood pile is pitiful this year. We haven't had a storm that has brought down any trees in a while. I suppose that is not exactly a bad thing but it might be a chilly winter because of it. I can't see him buying wood.

Look what I found in the front flower bed. We must have bought an autumnal bloomer. It's a tiny bloom but there are lots of them. I have no idea what they are. They look a bit like a dwarf chrysanthemum.

To end on a crazy cat lady note, here is the sun room we built for the outside kitties using the umbrellas from last year's skating production number and a painting tarp. Underneath is my old mini trampoline and a covered kitty box that we stuffed with pillows. We put this eyesore in a sunny spot hoping the outside kitties would make use of it during the day when the heated huts are not in use. I hate to think of them outside in the cold. I know it's our fifth winter together but it never gets any easier for me. The cats-they don't seem to mind.


  1. Love the bits of knits that will make up your wardrobe now...the colors during your walks will be quite inspirational!

  2. Nice photos! I love the outside kitty condo - my niece and her husband take care of some outside kitties and they made them a little complex out of covered plastic bins. Ingenious!

  3. I love your photos and the rich colors of the leaves. The outdoor kitties are lucky to have such a nice sunroom.

  4. Awww Im surprised the cats will go to something that colorful and moving....are they scared? Obviously not!
    it is 70 degrees here and i have my plaid sandals on. Fireman and i are sitting in the sun outside on the screened porch. He just finished golfing. Hard to beat 70s in chicago in NOVEMBer and they are predicted until Friday!

  5. Your kitty sun room is awesome. Really you two are so innovative. I love it. The temperatures have dropped, we actually had rain and it is dark here now. It's finally feeling like a new season.

  6. Beautiful photos. I sure wish it would cool off here so I could wear MY socks. It was 90 today! :-(