Monday, May 20, 2024

Questions and Answers


I never know what to do when you guys ask me questions in the comments. If I answer in the comments I wonder if anyone ever goes back and looks so I thought I'd just do a catch up post with some questions that have come up lately. First, it's about the weaving on the loom. Yep, that's the sock yarn for the scarf that is getting threaded.

Even though I showed off the new pattern and the new cotton for it, I have yet to begin winding it on the warping board.

This is why. I have an 18 inch loom and almost all patterns are written for at least a 22 inch loom so I have to do a lot of figuring to get it to fit. It's not as simple as just cutting off some of it. If I want it to look like the original I have to cut things back all across the whole thing. It hurts my head but I think I've finally got it so I should be able to begin the new warp this week.

That giant towel went through a wash and dry and now it's only 36 inches long. It's also not nearly as wide. I imagine it will shrink even more with each washing for a while so it turned out to be a perfect size to hang on my stove door handle. 

As for that chalkboard experiment, that paint worked really well. I only needed one coat. Chalk wipes right off. 

I bought this stencil kit so I could put some fancy lettering on it-when I figure out what I want to say. 


  1. Great answers and I really like the size of the towel. Mandy made a chalkboard a year or so before Piper was born. She uses it ALL of the time and it still looks great. I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of yours.

  2. Pretty towel! I've tried calligraphy and it's hard...I cannot imagine doing it in chalk!!

  3. Nice to see you take a ton of scrap paper for the weaving figuring, too! lol The work is still too new to me to feel like I know what I am doing! The chalk board accent is perfection!

  4. I was wondering if the giant towel shrunk, so thank you for answering that question. That weaving math looks like it would be a bit much for me, but I'm glad your chalkboard experiment worked so well and will soon have some lovely calligraphy on it.

  5. OOOooooooh calligraphy stencil kit!

  6. Crafters' notes always fascinate me. They make no sense to anyone but the writer, and they are invaluable.