Thursday, December 1, 2022

Nighttime Knitting


Happy December! It's birthday month around here. We have 6 in the family including moi. I would rather forget the whole thing since I'm creeping awfully close to the big 7 0. I'm going to try and enjoy my last year in the 60's because from here that seems young all of a sudden. Happily, my birthday month started out with a big surprise from Sandflies. Coffee and chocolate-that's my kind of surprise. Thanks so much!

And yeah, we're still doing this all day. You can't believe how much molding there is in one split foyer stairway. It's ridiculous. We should be finishing this week though-if we stay healthy and in one piece. The Mister had a terrible fall carrying the heavy miter saw the other day. He broke the table and the saw and cut himself up pretty badly including a big scrape across his head. I had just told him to let me help carry it but nooooo....

I had been squeezing time out around that work to make soap but now I'm trying to get some knitting in. I found that I can see to knit a bit at night if I am using big yarn and needles. I've been itching for a big, squishy ribbed hat so when I saw that Brava was on sale last week I bought a box full. The red is for a new cowl when I'm done with the hat. I bought 3 balls.

I've been working on Chestnut in the early morning before everyone else is up. 

I'm trying to play catch up with BonAmie so I can do both sleeve shapings at the same time. I have zero faith that I would remember what I did so I need to do this bit in tandem since I'm winging it. 

There's like a zillion color changes in each pattern section of Chestnut so I'm weaving them in as I finish the section. All those ends were starting to get worrisome so I figured it was better to deal with them a little at a time. 

Speaking of weaving in ends, #14 just had its weaving session last night.

Here's the family portrait....

....and #15 in the works. This is most likely as far as I'll get this year so 15 days of advent it is. I never start doing Christmas things as early as most so it'll work just fine. 


  1. What a great post...except the Mister's accident. I'm glad he's basically okay with no seemingly serious accidents. How scary for you both.
    Chocolate is the best! And when you like coffee too, well, there's no replacement is there? Such a happy, upbeat post. Love all of your projects . l love that pile of tiny sweaters. You ae so good at what you do. See you three soon.

  2. That's a lot of teeny sweaters, but they are adorable. Your knitting is just so pretty - love it! Your colorwork amazes me. Hope The Mister feels ok and heals quickly!!

  3. Birthday month over here too!

    The knits look great.

    Sending healing vibes for the Mister. I'm the opposite of you though. I'm always hoping Dave will carry the big heavy things by himself. We we do it together I'm the one who almost always gets hurt in some way

  4. Yikes, I’m glad the Mister is okay. Please be safe. Love your knitting projects. Happy Birthday month to you!

  5. I am sorry to hear about the accident that sounds really painful. Your knitting is beautiful, all that gorgeous colour work.

  6. We have the same explosion of birthdays this month, too! It really puts a crunch on things bc Dec is already a busy month! The knitting is gorgeous!!! So sorry for your man's fall--such a bigger risk for us each year, unfortunately!