Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Needless to say, I didn't get much done this week. I did take the new Llama stitching project along with me to the Grand's house but I didn't get much done. 

I woke up yesterday feeling like it was New Year's Day after a night of heavy celebrating but I did get the second of the Snow Kissed placemats together. I just need to bind it and that just might happen today. 

I doubt I'll get that second set of placemats done before the holiday but I did go through the charm pack I picked up off Amazon. There's a lot to like in there. I'm impressed. 

What we had to do was get Pup out for a walk. She's been driving us crazy at night waking up at all hours just to have a look around. She hasn't had a walk in ages so hopefully we wore her out. We ALL need a good night's sleep. My inner Scrooge was in fine form yesterday. I need some sleep and maybe even a few naps in order to be able to keep up with all this making merry stuff. 


  1. Nice placemat! And the new charm pack looks really nice. Love Pup's coat.

  2. I finally shut my bedroom door to the cats and got a full night's sleep! wonderful! the new stitching is off to a good start!

  3. Lots of variety in the Amazon charm pack. You’ll have fun working with the fabrics.