Monday, December 5, 2022

In a Bind


In between World Cup matches I came up with an idea on how to finish THE placemat. As in ONE placemat. I couldn't squeeze out enough of the charm squares to make an acceptable match so I had to order another pack. Now I wait.

It's not really a problem because in the meantime I can use up all the orphan four patches on little hot pads.

I spent the day running back and forth from the sewing room to the living room so I could keep up with the games and I had the binding ready to sew down by the time England took the field. I had it finished by half time.

And....someone asked me about the sampler I posted about the other day. I gave a link in the comments but just in case here it is again. It's a Jardin Prive and it's Patchwork Hiver which means winter. I'm collecting all of the four seasons from 123 stitch and......

....I am also working on their Village Quaker from time to time. I love all their designs and have our Ukrainian blog friend Liana to thank for pointing me in their direction. The winter one was a gift from her. She hasn't posted since April which is worrisome. I think of her often in these terrible times. 

Liana, in case you see this....
Слава Україні. Героям слава.


  1. Nice job on the placemat and hot pads! Thos samplers are gorgeous. I have a Jardin Prive design somewhere in my stash....

  2. The Village Quaker is gorgeous. I pray your friend and her family are safe.

  3. What a worry about your blogging friend, I do hope she is ok.

  4. The placemat turned out so nicely--the pot holders are sweet, too! Sorry about your Ukrainian blog much misery.