Monday, December 19, 2022

Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding


We made the trip out to Homestead Gardens on my birthday so I could bring back a new ornament for my already over loaded little tree. This year I brought back a glass plum pudding.

That might seem like an odd choice for some but I am a person who has their very own plum pudding mold and I'm not afraid to use it. 

Before we even went ornament shopping I had already gathered up what I needed to make this year's pudding so when I saw the little glass pudding on display I knew it had to come home with me. 

Not having a working oven, my holiday dessert choices are rather limited but puddings steam on top of the stove so it's a good thing I really, really like plum pudding. 

It hissed and sizzled for four hours and made the house smell wonderful.

It popped right out of the mold to cool off. I'll give it a good soak with brandy and then pop it back into the mold until Christmas dinner when I get to light it on fire.

While the pudding was steaming I was mixing up some dough and cutting out some sugar cookies. After chilling them overnight I am going to see what happens if I stick them in the air fryer. Not having an oven doesn't bother me a bit for 51 weeks out of the year but this week it's really annoying. We're going back to battling Frigidaire for a replacement after New Year's. Maybe by next Christmas I'll have something that works-but I'm not hopeful. 


  1. Your figgy pudding looks delicious! Let us know how the air fryer works for cookies....

  2. Bravo for being resourceful in preparing your holiday desserts! I hope the air fryer bakes the cookies perfectly.

  3. The pudding looks great. Does it taste like spice cake? As you can tell, I've never had any.

    Your pudding Christmas ornament is adorable.

    Happy Christmas to you, The Mister, and all the fur-kids.

    1. It tastes like fruit cake. It's pretty much the same recipe only the texture is different from it being streamed instead of baked.

  4. Your figgy pudding looks lovely. Wow no oven that will make for an interesting Christmas...

  5. I am trying hard to be friends with my airfryer, too. It is hard to learn all new info to bake something! lol