Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Ties That Bind


My dress form, Dumpy Debbie, looks pretty nice in the apron I finished yesterday. See those long ties? I thought that my shape was the same as hers because I had set it when I first got it. Not so. I snipped off those too long ties and then tried the apron on and...........THE TIES WERE TOO SHORT. Not even close. Apparently Dumpy Debbie isn't as dumpy as I am. I had to splice those ties back on to go around my newly expanded middle.  And all this is before holiday baking season...sigh.

After I got over my shock I used the leftover material to make a grime catcher for my winter patchwork sampler. 

I'm spending today in the sewing room trying to figure out the best way to turn all these four squares into two place mats. I saw a trick to making four squares on YouTube and had too much fun using up my new holiday charm pack on them which was pretty dumb. I do have some yardage and a few remaining 5 inch squares so all hope is not lost. Not yet anyway.


  1. I love your cross stitch sampler, would you happen to know the pattern name?


  2. Pretty apron. I always have the best intentions to put on an apron when sewing but instead I splatter all over my clothes!
    I'm still loving that sweet sampler.

  3. Love all 3 projects, specially the apron. I really should learn to make my own because the ties are rarely long enough on the storebought ones. And working at the grocery store and being so close to so many holiday foods (not to mention plain old potato chips) is not helping my situation.

  4. I love your sampler, I really need to make myself a new apron mine current one is really old and very stained now. I love the idea of a dress form but sadly I don't have room for one.

  5. sorry I laughed way too hard about the apron ties!!! The new 4 patch placemats will be very festive!