Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday Fluff


I made my last thrums out of this red fiber this week. The thrummed mittens are done. 

I had to weave in the ends so here's a peek at what the insides look like. Crazy, right?

I decided to spin the rest of the fiber for the Garter Squish blanket but I think it's too dark.

Garter Squish started out pretty bright and then it took a dark turn. All the handspun I have left is pretty dark so what I really need to do is spin some brighter colors to finish.

And.....the fiber that started out looking like this a few months ago... looks like this. It's too pretty to disappear into Garter Squish just yet. I have to pet it for a while first. 


  1. The inside of those mittens is CRAZY!!!

  2. Delicious fiber works!!!! I would pick up stitches from the cast on edge and work the dark colors on the other side so the light colors would be sandwiched in the middle! Beautiful spinning!

  3. Ooooh. Pretty yarn. My garter squish had lots of dark colors too. I think I must unconciously lean toward those when purchasing yarn.
    Those mitts are something else! I can imagine fiddling with those ends all of the time when wearing them. :-)

  4. The mittens will keep your hands toasty!

  5. Ha! That sounds like Mom. Any time she spins or buys a new yarn, it stays out for a while so she can admire it!

  6. Wow those mittens are crazy inside! Your spinning is wonderful, another craft that you are a master at is there no end to your talents.