Thursday, December 15, 2022

Lights Out


I was going full throttle on those holiday placemats I've been trying in vain to finish on Tuesday night when......

....the lights went out. I was stuck in my sewing room trying to find my way out in complete darkness knowing there was a hot iron in there somewhere. It was freaky. The lights were out for several hours so The Mister built a fire to keep us warm. It was 20 degrees out so I had to round up our lone remaining outdoor kitty and bring her in because her hut wouldn't be warm. I couldn't leave her out all night. She wasn't happy being inside but she dealt with it better than I expected.

On Wednesday afternoon I finally got the binding ready to be sewn down. I could have finished them right there and then but.....

....I was more interested in playing with the new charm pack to see what I could come up with. I'm like the kids in my class when it came to the weeks before Christmas. I just can't settle my brain and stick to one thing.


  1. How annoying to have the lights go out right when you're in the middle of something! Hope they're back on now and that you're keeping warm.

  2. Pretty mats - I like the layout. Glad you have an alternate heat source. I have electric heat, so when the power goes out I’m shivering.

  3. I'm glad you had no dire results of being stranded in the dark! The fire was a nice perk. good to relax (after you found the errant cat!) The new placemat is beautiful!

  4. I hear you on distractions, I am terrible for that too!