Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


The Fair Isle sisters are slowly growing. Chestnut just got her ends weaved in. BonAmie is due for one soon.

The problem with the Musselburgh hat is that it's been so cold that I've been wearing mittens in the car so travel knitting hasn't been happening. It's got a few new inches but not many.

After I finished the ribbed hat I had almost a whole ball of chunky left over so I've been working on a headband. It's The Magnolia Headband by Yessy Barreto which looks great in the pattern photos so I am hoping mine shapes up. It's a little on the sloppy/wonky side at the moment. I've never knit chunky cables before and they're hard on the hands. 

None of my projects are getting the attention they deserve because....I started another puzzle. I always get the puzzle bug after I pack up the Santa puzzle. I bought this one last year right after Christmas but never got around to it probably because we were still knee deep in kitchen remodeling and other nasty stuff. I didn't wait with this one-I jumped right in. No distractions this time. Even though we are far from finished with the house stuff I am planning a winter of leisure. 


  1. A winter of leisure sounds like the ticket. We really need to slow down and just relax at home a bit more. It seems like we are always running somewhere.

    The cables look really good. I think once you have more knit, they will pull out a bit and maybe not look so wonky to you.

  2. Your knitting is so beautiful - I always enjoy seeing it. Your colorwork amazes me. and now you ar eputting me in the mood for a puzzle!

  3. A puzzle is a great way to close out the year!

  4. You have so many things on the go. And a puzzle too! I'm at loose ends project wise since Christmas. I know I need to get busy with mittens for the kids and other charity knitting that I put on hold for Christmas knitting. But I'm kind of burnt out so I've been reading. I did finish a baby blanket yesterday. I'll just roll with it for awhile and enjoy some time off!
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Gorgeous knit projects! I haven’t knit cables in years. A winter of leisure sounds perfect to me.