Saturday, December 10, 2022

Christmas Crocs

Whenever I get home from a pet sitting or Grand sitting gig I find a pile of packages waiting. This time was no different. The Snowkissed charm pack I need to finish the placemats are here plus another one I thought would work for another set. Now I need the time to get into the sewing room and make them. My dance card is very full for the next few weeks. 

Speaking of dancing....I gave myself an early birthday gift. I wanted a fuchsia pink pair of Crocs but they won't be here until mid January so I ordered the only other color I don't have-gray. I pretty much wore them out keeping up with the Grand this week but when I got home they had a surprise waiting.  

Jibbitz! A whole pack that included this cute little Christmas tree.

I never really considered myself the Jibbitz type but after Crocs sent me a handful as an apology for sending me a defective pair of Crocs a while back I was hooked. Now I get to go match my new Jibbitz with my many, many pairs of rainbow colored Crocs. I must be crazy but this sounds like an awful lot of fun.  


  1. What fun! I love to wear crocs but I only have one pair-in black! lol I surely don't have your pizzazz!