Sunday, December 18, 2022

Holiday Field Trip


BC-before Covid we used to take a yearly trek out to Homestead Gardens before Christmas to get a new ornament for the tree. 

The last time we were out there it was 2018 and we were running through the snow through the critter pens. They had a wonderful assortment of barnyard friends that we loved to visit. On Friday this is what we found in place of the pens. Gone-all gone. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to see the goats and the llamas. 

The inside was still beautiful but half of what it used to be. 

There were plenty of poinsettias to be had. We were wondering what they do with them all after Christmas.

The Grand loved the train room. He could have sat there all day watching them go round and round.

The elf workshop was new. It was all in motion but those elf faces..... they were something that could give you nightmares. 

Then there was Cash Register Kitty. I thought it was stuffed until it popped its head up and startled the heck out of me. The sign in front of her explains that her name is Elsie and she is the CEO of the joint. The place was packed with people and several dogs yet she just sat there calmly overseeing her realm. Now that's one cool kitty. 


  1. Elsie made the whole trip worth it. LOL What an amazing place.

  2. Still looks like a good time--everything is low-er-keyed than BeforeCovid but twice as expensive! lol