Friday, December 30, 2022

Done and Dusted


It was 60 degrees and sunny here yesterday and the Christmas stuff looked out of place with all the windows open so down it came. 

It was also getting to that dusty stage that makes my allergies act up so it was time. Since we don't give each other presents anymore I keep these fake presents under the tree and the cats like to sit on them so they definitely needed a good cleaning. I also keep all my precious glass ornaments in them for storage so they always get special treatment.

Speaking of glass ornaments I haven't actually put any of them on the tree since the kitties showed up 12 years ago but this year I put these inexpensive glass Ikea ornaments on the tree to see what would happen. They survived. I think my kitties have grown old and lazy and could care less about the tree anymore. Next year I just may get the rest of them out and see what happens. 

The Mister had taken the truck to get its emission test done so I was doing all this by myself. The worst part was getting down the long string of star lights from the front window. They tangle horribly. They almost went in the trash until I Googled some Christmas light hacks and found this trick. 

The whole place got a good cleaning and dusting so I could put everything back where it was. I really wanted to the loom back out because right before I had to move it out of the way I discovered a HUGE mistake. I was supposed to put a charcoal stripe section in between all the white stripes.'s not a big mistake just a stupid one. I really want to get this off the loom and get something on it that is NOT making me crazy. Between all the broken warp threads and now the pattern boo boo I am so OVER this and can't wait to see the end of it.


  1. Our decorations came down today too. The next big challenge was figuring out where to put the "regular" decorations. We've had autumn things out when we moved and then Christmas. I've never had the stuff that sits out most of the year. I'm not really happy with how it looks so I know I'll be changing it.
    You're the only one that knows there's a problem with the weaving. Don't tell anyone and it will all be fine! :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. If there is a mistake in that towel, it sure is a pretty mistake.

  3. Being sick this week messed up my decoration-removal but it will wait. I like the idea of faux presents with the ornaments inside!

  4. My tree is still up, but it’s easy to put away: the whole thing goes in a zippered bag. I don’t even take the decorations off of it. Good hack for light storage!

  5. Our decorations are still up and will be for a while. DH put up the train for the first time in ages! It was great to get the reminder that you've done lots of skating. It was fun and tempting to see everyone out on the ice, but we realized that if we ever fell, we wouldn't be able to get back up. Your towel looks great to me, too; you can say it's an original design now. Happy New Year!

  6. Our decorations rarely last until twelfth night. We have guests over for New Year so will keep them up for that but will most likely take them down a few days after that.