Saturday, December 3, 2022

Taking a Bow


There it is. The last nail in the last board of the epic foyer molding adventure. Applause, applause. 

We've done a lot of stuff during this 4 year remodeling adventure but this was the worst. Going up and down the stairs for hours while we measured, cut, re-measured and re-cut was not a lot of fun...but it's OVER. 

We celebrated our victory by packing it all in, getting out of the house and having a scone and a muffin at the local bakery. 

Pup was in her stroller and was being admired by an elderly lady who was walking her own little pup. She wanted to go in and get a coffee herself but had her dog with her so we volunteered to watch her pup while she went in. The cute little thing couldn't take her eyes off her mom who was just out of reach in the shop. We laughed and laughed at her antics trying to get some attention through the glass. Thankfully it was a short trip and they were reunited before things got too crazy.

We were down there in time to see the town workers setting up for the Christmas parade that was supposed to be today only to hear them say that they were just notified that the parade was canceled due to the rain that is expected. They had spent all morning setting the stuff up only to now have to take it all down.  It was the first parade since the pandemic and we were really looking forward to it. 

Oh, well....a day on the couch with my knitting watching the World Cup doesn't actually sound so bad.


  1. Congratulations! The foyer looks great! -Polly

  2. What an accomplishment!!! I am sure all the effort you guys put into the cutting, measuring and recutting resulted in a much better job than you would have gotten had someone else done the work. Now you can enjoy your completed projects and the holidays.

  3. You're done! Now you can enjoy your beautiful home for Christmas and New Years. It looks wonderful. It was kind of you to take care of the little dog for the lady. Zoey would have been like that too. She doesn't like to be separated from us. It's also a shame about the Christmas parade. I could use a good parade about now.

  4. Beautiful accomplishment!!!!! Reno work gets harder and harder! The day on the couch sounds good, too!

  5. That scone and muffin look delicious but I think you deserve something more for finishing the molding - which looks fantastic, btw. So sorry about the parade but a day spent on the couch knitting and watching soccer sounds pretty good to me!