Saturday, December 17, 2022

Oh, Darn!


So yesterday was my birthday and Daughter and I had plans to meet at our favorite Christmas nursery for an afternoon of ornament shopping. The day before I had carefully unpacked and washed Lofoten to wear and when I went to try it on.....IT HAD A HOLE IN IT right in the front. I've only wore it once since I finished it last year so it was a big surprise of the VERY unpleasant variety. 

It didn't look like bug damage to me. It seems that one strand of the Wool of the Andes had just drifted apart-a problem I've been having more and more with my beloved Knit Picks yarn. I've had it happen a couple of times with the Advent sweaters. I didn't have any more of the Bramble Heather to do a proper darning so I just sewed it up on the back with some gray thread making sure I caught the open loops where the strand broke. I tied off that broken strand the best I could.

Now my beautiful Lofoten has a belly button but as Arne and Carlos always say...only God is perfect so having a flaw in your knitting is not only acceptable-in some cultures it's required.

Speaking of the Advent sweaters, #15 joined its siblings on the string last night and #16 was cast on. 

AND......what was the best birthday present I ever got? This guy. After spending my birthday in labor #1 Son was born right after midnight 45 years ago. 45 years. Wow. Seems like yesterday.


  1. Happy birthday and what a PITA to have that hole in knitting of that complexity! Great mending solution, though.

  2. Nice save on the mending--I've done it that way and like the results, too! good job. Amazing to celebrate our kids' aging, too!

  3. Glad you were able to fix your beautiful sweater. I'll be keeping your words in mind when I am looking for sweater yarn. No Wool of the Andes.