Monday, December 26, 2022

Making Merry


For the first time in forever I'm not yanking down the tree and putting Christmas out of sight today. I have no idea why but I made it through the whole month without losing my holiday spirit. It was only a merry little Christmas for sure but for whatever reason it stuck. The family had a Christmas Eve brunch with #1 Son and family. It was a sushi extravaganza.

There were cookies.....

.....and more cookies. DIL is a cookie making machine. Look how beautiful. 

The two Big Grands took turns performing their recital pieces for the little Grand. I wish you could hear these kids play. So much talent. Little Grand was mesmerized as was I. 

On Christmas morning The Mister and I finished the Santa puzzle. 

I made another mince pie and baked it in the air fryer for breakfast. 

We didn't do presents this year for each other but we did get Pup a squeaky toy. After she got it out of the bag she wasn't interested in it at all. Pup and I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching Christmas movies while The Mister was holed up in the man cave downstairs I usually like my football Sundays but I have to say I was a bit peeved to be on my own on Christmas. 

Oh, well.... after the sun went down I lit the plum pudding, doused it with brandy butter, poured myself an eggnog and made a night out of it.  Alone or not-it was a very merry little Christmas. 

And....I know so many are suffering in this terrible cold but I had to share this photo I found on Mastadon. That's some crazy snowman. 


  1. All that food looks so delicious. Your DIL's cookies are beautiful.

    Now it is on to 2023 ---------wishing you a good "week before".

  2. The sushi and cookies look so good. I love sushi. And those cookies are works of art. Your Christmas sounds like a lovely time. Dennis and I went to church in the morning and had a quiet afternoon. I made chicken enchilada's which I couldn't eat because they were too spicy. I'm not sure why because I used mild sauce. In the evening we went to Brad and Mandy's and to Mom's to give her her injections.
    It was a wonderful day. We weren't supposed to give each other gifts but Dennis surprised me with a nice gift card to Hobby Lobby.
    All in all, I kept my Christmas spirit too, despite Covid. I am looking forward to getting the apartment back to normal by New Years though.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. That all sounds wonderful!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Those cookies look wonderful! I don't know what was in the air either as I got bit by the cookie bug, too, for the first time in ages. That puzzle looks tough! Congrats on finishing it!