Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday Felines


In order to get a few minutes breathing space Baby Grand and I would watch a bit of Sesame Street and a few minutes of hamsters running through mazes on YouTube each day. Baby Grand wasn't the only one enthralled by those running varmints. The newest Grand Kitty was also quite interested. I had to laugh. I've never seen a kitty watch TV before.

This was the little kitten Daughter adopted right before the lockdown. She's a big kitty now and apparently a very good mouser. 

This kitty was sitting under the TV interested in what the other kitty was making all the fuss about. 

Her sister could care less about any of it. She was sunning herself on the windowsill. 

The senior kitty, had claimed the giant box Baby Grand's Christmas present from The Mister and me had come in and enjoyed some time in the sun. 

It certainly was a house full of fun for the past week. I should be home later today. I told The Mister to have my living room clean and my couch ready. I'm going to sit on it until the Baby Grand shows up Saturday afternoon. There was never a dull moment....but at least I lived to tell the tale. 


  1. Pretty kitties! A friend of mine had a cat that used to watch nature programs...but when a snake or tiger or some such would come on, that cat would get between the TV and my friend - protecting her!! LOL

  2. Lemmy watches TV a lot!!!! Rupert will do it every so often (especially if he hears a bird, but he seems to like sharks too). Burton and Relic couldn't care less!

  3. Oh, you will need that couch! I am usually done in after babysitting! lol The cats are the cutest; Lena still watches tv if I put on the birds and squirrels in the feeder ones!

  4. Gorgeous cats! I love that the cat was watching TV ;)