Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Soap Week Finale


Finally....I'm done and I went out with a bang. First I did a twofer which means I mixed up a big batch, split it in half and then poured each separately. That's risky because that second half can get thick quick while it's waiting. Think instant pudding. Same concept. I didn't have a problem though. It went off without a hitch.

Batch #8 is Blue Agave Sugar. It's another coconut milk loaf with a dash of honey. I have no idea what agave smells like but this fragrance smells like coconut to me. 

Batch #9 is Olive. It also contains coconut milk with the addition of olive oil pomace which is made from the paste leftover from the fruit when making virgin olive oil. It's richer than regular olive oil and great for hydrating the skin. The fragrance is pretty strong, dark and musky. I made it with The Mister in mind because you can't have too much scent as far as he's concerned. 

I wanted to use up all my lye and fancy oils and butters before I packed it all in so I did a three-fer using my small 28 oz molds. 

This batch is completely natural. No colors or scents. The only addition besides tons of cocoa and shea butter was the rest of that goat's milk. I wanted a small facial bar but these are a bit smaller than I had wanted. Next time I need to plan for at least 30 ounces in each mold. 28 was a bit skimpy.

They may be small but there's a whole lot of them.

Of course, making all those batches at one time was a mess to clean up but it was worth it to have my sewing room back. I've got lots of Christmas fabric in there calling my name. 

Now all my pretty new babies are tucked away for their long 6 week cure high up on the drying racks out of harm's way. There are 63 bars of regular sized soap and 24 bars of small facial soap in all. So what am I going to do with all this soap? Give it away, of course. In about 6 weeks. Watch this space. 


  1. This is all such a fascinating process to me. Whoo-hoo that it all worked out well for you. You just never know with soap do you? Those shelves way up high are a great idea.

  2. Amazing! What a good session you had this time!!!! These loaves are beautiful!

  3. The blue swirly soap is soooo pretty.

  4. Oh those soaps with all the colours are so gorgeous, wow. I am in awe.