Saturday, November 19, 2022

We Should Have Known Better


We were supposed to be working on the foyer molding all week but found the up and down of it was wearing on old bones. We did a little, took a day off and did a little more. It's going to be slow going but it was going....

...until yesterday. We had taken Pup out for a walk in our woods on Thursday and was marveling at how well she was doing after her surgery. She was running and jumping all over the place. We should have known better because yesterday she could barely use her bad leg. I spent the day sitting with her and doing her doggy PT which she was NOT happy about. I am hoping today is a better day for her because I really don't want to think of what may be in store if it's not. Poor thing. She's been through so much. We should have known better.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry! Is there a pain med that dogs can take that doesn't knock them out?!

    1. Yes, and I still have some from her surgery, thank goodness.

  2. Poor Pup. It's hard to keep them down when they want to run and play. I hope today finds her leg much better after a day of rest and PT.