Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


My goal this week was to make some serious headway on this guy before November runs out but everything I did was wrong. The flower vine at the top? Wrong. The border down the side? Wrong. When I feel the love again I'll sort it out and that may just be next year. 

In spite of losing my stitching space in the great soap table clean up on Saturday I got one more block done on the Autumn Patchwork. It's the little house. 

I turned my Ikea Poang chair and big floor lamp into a stitching corner in the living area and finished the big raccoon on Sunday. There is supposed to be a little raccoon on its back but that's not happening. It's all weird half stitches and I don't do that so there will be just two raccoons in my rabble. From what I know about raccoons-two is more than enough. 


  1. Love that raccoon piece! Adorable. And, yes, two is plenty!! LOL

  2. Cute raccoons! The Autumn Patchwork piece looks great so far.

  3. Sometimes stitches go wrong! The raccoon piece is very cute! My son had a raccoon attack a neighbor's cat in his yard--it sounded like a murder was taking place!

  4. Love those raccoons! I got the cutest little fix kit to make for mom, but I think it's going to wait until Mother's Day - Just too busy right now

  5. Nice work! My current X-stitch project is driving me nuts! I'd be happy to share the cake recipe if you send me your email address. It was in a Farmer's Almanac years ago and given to me by a friend. Since then it's been our standard b'day cake.

  6. That is such a cute little raccoon piece. If you didn't know the other raccoon was supposed to be there you would never guess it. The sampler is really cute too. Sorry about the first piece. That just happens sometimes, doesn't it?
    Mandy has a poang chair and I lived in it when Piper was a baby. She only slept when I held her while bouncing a bit in the poang chair. I still love that chair and claim it whenever I can when visiting!