Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sorry, More Soap...


I promise that I am almost at the end of this soap making adventure. I need my sewing room back. This is soap #4 the pine one. I like it. I kept it simple and it worked. 

This one is batch #6 which is goat's milk and lemon. 

It smells wonderful but it looks kind of strange. I used a new to me yellow mica and it's disappointing. Sometimes yellow will change as it cures so we'll just have to wait and see on this one. In the meantime I am going to enjoy having this scent fill my sewing room. I love it. 

Batch #7 is an all natural, unscented clay soap. It's also vegan. Only coconut milk in this one. This is one of my favorites because I like the slight grittiness that the clay gives it.

Clay also makes your batter thicken up quickly so all I could do was plop each color directly in the mold and give it a good stir. I did fiddle with the top but it's not too bad this time.

I'm very happy with how the different clay plops came out. Clay doesn't stay in it's own lane like mica does to it can be a muddy mess. Not this time, thank goodness.


  1. Again, very pretty! I bet that lemon soap smells wonderful.

  2. I can just about smell the lemon soap! Yum! The clay soap looks beautiful! You've done well this go around!

  3. That last one looks like it has a little slanted heart in it! So pretty

  4. Your tops always look so pretty.

  5. You’re on a roll! The soap bars look fabulous.

  6. These look great! And I'll bet the lemon smells divine. To me, nothing smells fresh and clean like lemon.