Thursday, November 3, 2022

Ribbit, Ribbit...


It's been a week of going back and forth to the frog pond. First, the ribbing for Chestnut was all wrong. Wrong ribbing, wrong count...just wrong. I actually didn't rip it back. I cut it off and turned it loose-into the trash. Life is too short and Palette too cheap to do anything else. I'll just start over.

BonAmie didn't play nice either. That top snowflake looking pattern was ripped back, stitch by stitch, all 9 rows that I had finished because I hated the colors I had used. It was painful but so worth it. It looks much nicer now.

The only thing that is playing nice this week has been the Musselburgh hat. Of course it's just going round and round and round-which is about all I can handle at the moment it seems. 

In my defense, in between climbing on and off the riding mower about a million times to suck up leaves, I've been helping The Mister grout the new foyer tile. 

He does the slopping and I go behind him and do wiping and haze removal. Wringing out those sponges over and over is hard on the hands so I doubt I'll be picking up any of those badly behaved knitting projects in the near future. They are going to have to sit there being naughty all on their own for a while. That'll teach'em.


  1. Yikes that's a lot of frogging! Sorry about that. Projects look good to be. Wringing that sponge does NOT look like fun.

  2. I think all of the projects look great...but what do I know! :-) You are going to love your new foyer tile. Ours was tile and so easy to keep clean an looking nice. I hope your hands are feeling much better this morning.

  3. Another remodeling project nearing completion- good job!

  4. I feel you - I've can barely get a teeny tiny pumpkin knit. Every time I have a spare moment, Dave is wanting me to do something else.

  5. Both ripping out and grouting are miserable jobs but yield better results! Good job!