Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Hello November! Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I drug out this old thing. I started working on it in 2017 and it hasn't seem the light of day since. I got a bit more done this week. Not much but some. I was bored with my other projects.

After ripping out the big raccoon's tail last week I managed to get his body finished and his tail restarted. 

I also finished two more blocks on this one-the keys and the little patchwork block.

But.....the big news is that I started hand quilting Dad's squares quilt again. I had packed it away during The Big Itch and was afraid to touch it for the longest time. I'm over all that now and it's been fun to work on. It makes me want to put something else together to hand quilt because believe it or not after 8 years-this one is almost done. 

And.......we didn't get a single trick or treater again this year. The only Halloween excitement we had was the big plate of donuts I made using my mom's recipe. She always made them on Halloween. It was the last thing she did before she went into the hospital for the last time so it means a lot to me to get out her old donut cutter and roll out a plate full every year. 


  1. Oh my! Those donuts look delicious!! We had no kids coming around either. Love your stitching!

  2. The projects look good-especially nice to see the quilt out again! The donuts look delicious!

  3. Love all the projects! I can't believe you're nearing the end on the hand-quilting! So exciting!!!

    I can smell those donuts from here. Mom used to make them - not often, but every once in a while. The whole house would smell like donuts all day!

  4. I haven’t had a Trick or Treater for several years.I buy a little bag of candy just in case though.

    1. So do I, and this year we actually had 2 tricksters, but I should have given them a lot more candy!