Friday, November 4, 2022

Friday Fluff


These singles are becoming........

....this yarn. It's taken me forever to get here but it's getting done.

The green fiber is still being spun. I'm getting close to finishing it.

The poor thrummed mitten is still waiting for those extra rows I need so I could wiggle my fingers. There's no snow in the forecast, in fact it's been warm and in the 70's so I'm good. It'll keep. 


  1. Ahhh, such beautiful spinning. It's gorgeous my friend. And those mittens. They look so comfy. Don't be lulled by the weather. As you well know, it could change in an instant. It was 79F here today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 43F. The wind is howling right now.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. lots of pretty spinning, I've not touched my wheel so far this week as I'm still pondering on the wool oddment situation. I have knitted some mitts from the small balls though :-)

  3. your yarn looks fabulous, you are so talented!

  4. Such pretty jewel-like colors in that fiber!

  5. It's stupid warm here for November. My gardens are very confused

  6. Oh, the spinning is coming along beautifully! I love the green color especially!