Saturday, November 12, 2022



Howdy folks! No, I'm not getting jabbed again, thank goodness. I'm doing the leaves AGAIN. 

See? It's all I've been doing for days now. The Mister can't do this anymore because of his bad hip. He's supposed to go have it replaced but he's dragging his feet about it. I learned the hard way not to get the leaf dust in my hair or to breathe it in so I put on this get up before I get started. 

My job is to suck the leaves up with the mower and make piles of them in the woods. I've run out of places to put them. There are mounds everywhere now. 

Look at that lawn. Clean as a whistle-almost. It takes me a couple of hours and I don't exactly hate it. The weather has been so nice that it's good to have a reason to go outside.

Every time I go out there The Mister says this should be the last time. Ha....the trees are telling me a very different story. There's still plenty up there that need to come down. 


  1. The garb isn't as much fun as the relaxing spin on the mower! lol The hurricane took away any vestige of colorful leaves we had! :'(

  2. Our leaves are coming down here, but not as fast as the pine needles!

  3. I look the same way when I mulch our leaves. We used to suck them up but mulching blades are wonderful!

  4. I LOVE that outfit. All but the mask look very comfortable to me. The lawn looks great...for now! :-) All of our leaves are now gone, but thankfully we're not responsible for them anymore anyway.