Thursday, November 17, 2022

Chim Chim Cher-ee


They are calling for a big freeze this weekend so we couldn't put off cleaning the chimney any longer. The Mister's been dragging his feet about it even though he's been freezing in the lower level at night. Truth be told, this will be his last year doing it. He's just too old. I'll be calling a chimney cleaner from now on. He scared me to death up there and even he admits it was a bit much. 

There's a lot to the upkeep, inside and out. Like everything else around here, it takes teamwork. He's on the roof and I'm down below dealing with the soot. 

It's dirty work for both of us. We look like chimney sweeps when we are done. 

It doesn't look very clean but it's better than it was. It still needs a good polish but we can now have a fire if we need one. 

Cleaning the stove is one thing. Bringing up wood is another. We've had a lot of wet weather lately so finding dry wood and kindling wasn't easy. Lucky for us I had a stash put away in the fleece shed all summer that I was going to use in my fire pit but never did. It should last us until the sun dries out the wood we pulled out of the stacks to dry.

After the day's work we took Pup for a short walk and found this waiting for us on the boardwalk. I couldn't believe my eyes until I realized next week is Thanksgiving and they light the dang thing the day after. Where does the time go?


  1. Yikes!! You should definitely hire someone to do that job!!! It is cold here - a fire would feel lovely.

  2. It's dirty work but SO MUCH SAFER to do it now than have a chimney fire and wish you had done it!!!! You definitely need a professional next year! We are too old for that work! the tree is so pretty!

  3. This is one of the many reasons we discussed in selling our house. Getting on the roof is too dangerous at our age. I have always been afraid of heights, Dennis was not, so he took care of the high stuff. Now, he isn't liking it either. The last few times he was up there was really scary. We would have just called professionals if the neighborhood had been worth staying in.
    The tree is going to be so pretty lit up. Hard to believe it's Thanksgiving but there you go! Time is flying by.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Cold, cold air is headed your way! It’s been bitter cold here this week and will be below zero tonight and into tomorrow. I have no doubt you’ll be needing a cozy fire before the weekend.

  5. My DH is also forbidden to go up on our roof, too! That was after the ladder fell over, thankfully without him on it, but he was stranded until I heard the car in the garage honking, and I went outside and put the ladder back up so he could get down. Good thing he had the car key in his pocket! Our neighbor has already turned on their Christmas lights, and it seems like pushing the season since we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

  6. I hate it when Dave is doing anything high up. I'm not generally a worrier, but that always bothers me.

  7. This year has FLOWN by.

    We are getting used to a wood burning insert with a blower. I don't think we can clean it ourselves, but we cleaned it when we had the flue replaced and have only had two fires in it since then. We should be good for this year and by the looks of things, we'll be needing it.