Sunday, November 27, 2022

Oh, Snap


Every weaver knows that when you see an old film canister filled with coins hanging on the back of the loom something's gone wrong... I've got TWO.

Everything was going along fine until I noticed that the end threads were not being caught up. This draft did not call for a floating selvage but it seems it needed one. Translated that means that the weaving pattern was not catching the end threads so they were hanging loose. So loose that a pair of them snapped off from the friction of the beater. I had to needle weave the replacement thread  in and then tie them off with a tee pin. Not a catastrophe but it didn't solve my problem of those un-captured ends.

I couldn't figure out the directions for fixing this issue so I just have to hand wrap that last thread each time I throw the shuttle-which is a real pain. The good news is that I don't have much further to go. I was planning on weaving this pattern again in different colors from the stash and this time I WILL be including a floating selvage. When you lose the weaving rhythm it really turns out to be a slog. A very slow slog. 


  1. I'm sorry that it's not cooperating, but golly, it's a beautiful pattern and colors.

  2. Your hiccup aside... it does look fabulous!

  3. Oh, you are bringing back bad memories! lol The weaving looks great and you can always add a once turned hem on the sides, if you need to!

  4. Your weaving is beautiful, I have never done any weaving but it all sounds complicated but I am sure it is easy when you know.