Saturday, November 26, 2022



 One day it's Thanksgiving and the next it was Christmas. The Mister and I spent yesterday getting a head start on the cards.

I took over his man cave so we could watch the World Cup matches while we worked. He colored and I cut. By the time the USA finished its second tie match we had 12 done. We need 24 so we are halfway there.

We also had to go to the town tree lighting. The parks and the boardwalk were already lit. 

There were trees on the beach. That's new. 

There was a bonfire and marshmallows to roast for the kiddies. 

There was a chorus singing every holiday song you could think of while we counted down was lit exactly at 6 o'clock.

In spite of having all the stuff I need to make a Thanksgiving dinner at home we opted for Subway. The dinner can wait. The weather was too nice and the night too beautiful to rush home. 


  1. We went out to lunch to a sports bar with all of the kids yesterday even though we have a house full of leftovers. We also wanted to watch the world cut. I cheered for the Brits since our London daughter in law was along. I've never really understood, "football," or soccer as we know it. "T" happily explained everything as the game prograeedl It was great fun. :-)

  2. Great photos and a beautiful start to the Christmas season.

  3. What a wonderful evening for the tree lighting--even the card making! Nice day.