Sunday, November 13, 2022

No Soap


Hello again! I had another crazy outfit on yesterday.

I had it on to clean up the soap side of the upstairs craft room so I could make soap today.  I was so excited. I haven't made soap in ages, since May of 2020 actually, thanks to the remodeling mess I've been living in and I LOVE making soap. 

The Mister's soap stash is down to a few bars. 

Ditto for my preferred unscented, all natural stash. I really, really needed to make soap and I wanted to do it today since football starts at 9:30 and goes all day. I'd have the upstairs all to myself-uninterrupted. 

First I had to see if I had enough stuff to make soap. It's been a long time and this stuff has a shelf life. I cleaned off all the shelves and tossed out a lot of old stuff but had enough promising oils to get started.

I had some clays for color. I was going to start with something simple since it's been a long time since I've done this. The soap I'm using now is an old clay soap I made in 2019 and I love it. 

All the equipment was in order..... I went so far as to measure out enough hard oils for melting for several batches. I was planning on making a batch a day all week. That would give me plenty of soap. 

THEN.... I went to measure out the lye. I like to make a basic recipe and them measure the lye out in little containers so I don't have to fool with it. I hate measuring out lye. Of course, this is when disaster struck. I had a brand new container of it. It was still in the sealed Amazon box it came in. I had ordered it in August of 2021. When I gave it a shake it looked fine in the bottom but when I took the top off, the pour spout was completely sealed with a giant lye dam. I wasn't fooling with that so I wrapped the whole thing up securely and put it in the trash. I was so disappointed. I ordered more lye but it won't be here until Wednesday and we start the molding and trim adventure on the stairs on Monday. Sigh......

The worst part is that I share this space with my sewing stuff and now that side is a cluttered disaster since I had to cram it all out of the way of the messy soap stuff. What a buzzkill.....I guess I'll try again next weekend. 


  1. Now that is a bummer! I need to make some of my goat's milk soap since I am down to one bar! I found that it is a wonderful shampoo bar, also, since it tames the wiry white hairs!

  2. I'm so sorry about the disappointment. I can only imagine how much work just preparing for the fun was.
    Hope the flooring goes well tomorrow.

  3. I have never tried making soap it always seems such a scary proposition to me however we have made lye. I use it in the washing machine to keep my whites, white.


  4. goodness so busy. but now prepared. I'm on my last sliver of your 4milk soap. It really is so wonderful. I'm so thankful for you. and that i keep my best things for last unlike my love who uses all the faves first.
    best to you for what comes next.