Monday, November 21, 2022

Soap Week: Day 2


It looks like soap #1 survived the night. It's a bit soft-not worrisome soft, just maybe it needed a bit of a water discount soft, so I won't cut it until tomorrow. I usually cut back on the liquids so it gets hard faster but I didn't on this first go around. 

Yesterday's soap was a bit trickier. I wanted to use up the little bit left in a jar of activated charcoal along with the goat's milk so I made a lightly scented blackberry soap. I added some purple mica to part of the batter but it turned gray. 

I did a simple in the pot pour and it, uh...interesting. 

It's not the prettiest. I gave it a little half hearted sprinkle of glitter but it didn't help. I'll reserve judgement until I cut it. Sometimes these ugly ducklings can surprise you. 

The most important sign of progress yesterday was my clean up game. The first day was a mess but yesterday I was ready and it went much smoother. It's a messy business but so much fun-even when you get it wrong.


  1. That does look like fun! I like the grey...

  2. I always enjoy seeing your soap posts. I wonder why purple turned gray? Those peaks and valleys on top are so cool.

  3. I think the gray/white is beautiful and will be pleasing to women and men! Good job!

  4. I agree with the others: I like the gray & white.