Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Done and Done


Inktober 2022 is in the books and I mean literally in a book.

I usually use a small watercolor block and do each day separately but I forgot to order one so.......

...I had to use what I had on hand and what I had was an empty watercolor notebook. 

The only problem with this is that I can't do a group photo here at the finish line. I made a collage but it's not the same as....

....this. I really liked laying them all out at the end so I can see them all. It's a lot more impressive when each day gets its own blank sheet to work on. Oh, well.....I've got 365 days now to figure it out for next year although it always amazes me at how fast October comes back around. 


  1. You could just cut pages from book into blocks next time. Cheryl J (seajaes from ravelry)

  2. Kudos for participating in Inktober for five years. Your drawing are fun to see. Nice job

  3. Well, at least you did it!!!! I like the many on one page but I can see how it would be harder to display.

  4. I think they look great. I sure wish I could draw anything other than a stick figure. And that doesn't look very good either.

  5. I like having mutliple on a page... but I would never have the nerve to do that myself. I can't draw a recognizeable stick figure to begin with but I can only imagine the mess I'd make of the first one if I attempted a 2nd one right beside it. Your paintings are beautiful however.