Saturday, November 5, 2022

Fields of Gold


After spending the day getting up leaves out of the yard it's nice to go somewhere where there are leaves crunching underfoot that we don't have to rake up. We took Pup to Bayfront Park on Thursday which is on the other side of the road from the marina we usually hang out at. We don't go to this park in tourist season because you have to pay. Now it's free and dogs are allowed on the beach.

Fall is very subtle around here. We go from green to gold to brown in the span of a few weeks starting around Halloween. Right now were are gold but it won''t last long.

At the end of the short trail through the golden wetlands everything turns misty blue this time of year.

The water is clear and cold now and Pup thinks it's a good idea to take a swim. It's not. 

It's a small beach that gets smaller every year thanks to erosion. That cliff is going to fall in one day. They don't let anyone get under it anymore. 

Every time we go there the landscape looks different depending on what has been going on with the weather. The bay carves out little islands and inlets where ever it wants to-and it's always beautiful. Mother Nature knows best. 


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to walk.

  2. So beautiful. Pup looks like she's enjoying herself too. I miss the ocean so much. Although we were eight hours away, we could go for a long weekend.

  3. You should see our yard! Thanks to a big windstorm, we have plenty of leaves and sequoia needles to get rid of. The latter are from our neighbor's huge tree but seem to like to land in our yard!

  4. I think a walk down that path and ending at the ocean is a perfect way to spend a few hours!