Saturday, February 12, 2022

Two More FOs


As I mentioned yesterday the first pair of Lofotens are off the needles.

That meant I had to raid the sock yarn drawer since I had NO socks on the needles and that would never do. Don't confuse the sock yarn drawer with the sock yarn bin.This is just the overflow of fairly recent purchases. It's where I keep the big bag of the Arne and Carlos Lofoten sock yarn I bought last summer. It was hard to decide which skein to pick next. They are all so pretty.

I finally decided on this one. It was warm and sunny yesterday and I was definitely thinking spring even though they are calling for some snow and a return to cold temps this weekend. 

Advent sweater Number 6 is also a done deal. Today I am going to go dig out the yarn for Number 7 which I believe is in the browns again. That's another big bin of yarn I wish I could use up. The more I use, the more I seem to get. 


  1. Great FOs! Love the colours in the sock!

  2. Nice socks, and perfectly matched, too. I like their yarn also, and your tiny sweaters are adorable.

  3. Oooh, such beautiful finished socks. The yarn for the new pair definitely says, “Spring is near!”

  4. So much to love in this post Debbie. The Lofotens are beautiful. So colorful and happy. But...the new sock color! My goodness, I love that color. Purples always have my heart. And of course the sweaters are so sweet.

  5. Congrats on the sock finish.

    The new sock is a very pretty color!! I do love purple!

  6. Great socks! The new color is very Spring-like!
    Hang in there on the mini-sweaters....they will be a very good finished project by year's end.

  7. Great socks! Both pair are awesome but the new ones are springy and I'm afraid as much as I've embraced winter this year, I've got spring fever now. Those few days of spring weather got to me and I think I'm done enjoying winter now.