Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Yesterday was the day we got serious about putting down the floor. 

We set up a place to do the cutting of the short ends on my dining table using my cutting mats. So far, so good. They snapped off pretty easily.

Before we could get to work we had to put down some of the under layer. It wasn't as easy as we thought. It was like wrestling an octopus. It was slippery and rolled the wrong way to be able to just give it a kick. It bunched up and wouldn't lay flat. I was not amused.

The long cuts were done outside. It was drizzly but warm. It made a ridiculous mess. The Mister and the deck were covered in whatever that is those planks are made of and we only had three planks to cut. I had to scrub the deck off when we were done. 

After about 6 hours we didn't even have one row officially down. Why you might ask? We couldn't figure out how to snap the planks together so they would lock in and stay that way. We read the directions over and over. We watched a zillion videos and couldn't figure it out to save our lives. 

To make matter worse we had just decided to throw in the towel with the whole smelly stove thing. After 45 minutes of being on hold for the hundredth time and getting nowhere we decided to take the loss, have it hauled out and just buy another brand. It's pretty clear Frigidaire has no intention of doing anything but running out the clock on our warranty and I don't want my house filled with anymore fumes. I had a headache for three days after the last time. 

I'm pretty sure yesterday was our lowest point ever with this whole kitchen thing. If I could go back in time and get my old kitchen back I would do it in a heartbeat. It might have been ugly and outdated but there was a lot of love in that room. 


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day with the kitchen stuff. I know my Hubby and there was NO way I would go through that with his perfectionist self. That's why we got a contractor for the bathrooms. Ours would never, ever have been finished.
    I think you'll be very happy once it's all done but I understand your frustration. The stove would infuriate me. I'll never buy that brand after the experience you've had and I'll pass the information on to anyone who will listen.
    Your floor is really very pretty and it was ingenious to use your cutting mats to measure and cut the smaller pieces.
    I hope tomorrow is a much, much better day.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. I'm curious what the under layer is for your floor. Fletch put down a wooden floor in our living room and did not use an under layer. I'm still hoping your stove issue can be resolved.

  3. I'd haul that stove out and sell it for scrap metal! Sorry. The flooring-once the first row is down, it gets lots easier! Hang in there!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the stove, but I can understand. At some point, you have to decide how much your time and stress is worth. I can say this though, Frigidaire has lost more than just you as a customer, I know I certainly will never buy anything from them, and I'm sure many of your blog readers will agree.

    I hope you can get your floor figured out too.

  5. The remodel, the pandemic, shortage of goods, and poor customer service — a perfect storm for frustration and despair. I think you and the Mister have coped pretty well with it.

  6. I sure don't blame you for being frustrated! That sounds like a really tough day, and I sure hope today is going much, much better.

  7. Sorry you have to throw in the towel on the stove. Your floor will look real good when finished! If you buy a new stove tell the seller you wanted it pre burned before they bring it into your home.