Sunday, February 27, 2022

Back in Business


After our day of healing The Mister and I were raring to go yesterday morning.  I actually enjoyed crawling around on the floor all day. It was nice to have something other than dirty plywood under me. 

It's tediously slow work but at least we feel like we know what we are doing now. We've got a system and it's working. We should have it done on Monday if we can keep up this pace. 

This is my living room covered in all the junk and furniture we had to haul out of the dining/kitchen area. I think I can stand the mess a few more days. It was really starting to get to me....and that is saying a lot considering what I've been through for the past three years. 


  1. I admire your patience...even when it wears thin in spots!!!! The flooring looks fantastic!!!!!

  2. You two are amazing! I get tired just looking at your posts. Hang in there; it looks like you are almost done, and all that work will have been worth the effort.

  3. Almost done! Tomorrow is the day! I'm sure of it. You guys are doing so great.