Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Run Around


I knew it was too good to be true. There doesn't seem to be a new stove in our future-not anytime soon anyway. All week long The Mister fought with Lowes and Fridgedaire and it seems that even if the technician says it needs replacing it counts for nothing when it comes to the folks in the office. Lowes literally laughed when we gave them the file number the tech gave us for an exchange. Frigidaire said that they don't replace ovens for smelling bad and didn't understand why the tech would tell us otherwise. I did some research online and found lots and lots of folks mad about their smelly Frigidaire ovens and none got anywhere trying to replace them even when they had photos of burning insulation inside them.  Sigh....

Oh, well we'll fight on but today I'd rather ramble on about some other thoughts I have about the kitchen remodel. Even though it is far from finished I'm just starting to feel comfortable with all this new stuff. It was a bit intimidating at first. I love the big drawers for storing stuff. I used to just have under counter cabinets but the drawers are so much better for organizing.

My industrial behind the stove backsplash has been so handy. I keep all the stuff I reach for all the time right where I can get it. 

My new sink is a love/hate affair. I love the size of it but it is a pain to keep clean. It also scratches easily. I keep a plastic dishpan in it so I don't have to put stuff right on it and I even keep a towel under that. I tried some sink protecting mats but they left marks. 

I opted for the extra tall cabinets and I have to say you really can't reach those top shelves. Most of mine are empty at the moment. I still haven't organized the rest of the new cabinets because I still have two plate and cup racks to put up whenever we get the floor down and the dining area put back together. 

Speaking of the floor I've had a few weeks now of walking on the planks that we will eventually put down. We were waiting for the stove issue to be resolved but might as well get started. At least that's what The Mister said yesterday.

I think I am going to like this floor. The cats and Pup have done their worst on it and it's still looking pretty good. When the sun shines on it sometimes it can look spotty which reminds me to go mop it up which is easy enough. It hides dirt a little too well for my liking-but it's probably something I can get used to.


  1. I was so hopeful for you to Finally get some resolution to the oven problem. No guarantee and that sucks. At my daughters home there is a stainless sink and we use a wire rack and it has rubber tips that leave no marks.

  2. You definitely got to look at the sunny side, and you've got some great things in your kitchen!

    I've got tall cupboards like you, and they are deep. I've got to keep a step stool handy to get anything from them. I told Dave when we redo the kitchen, we are putting a shallow floor to ceiling pantry on one side for baking materials/canned goods. I'm getting far too much exercise trying to climb these cupboards! Lol. Apparently the old lady who owned this place was under 5 feet tall. She must have had a step-ladder handy!

  3. Wow! Sounds like Frigidaire is just about as customer friendly on ovens as Samsung was about our refrigerator. I'm so sorry you are going through all this.

    The floor does look very nice though.

  4. I'm so sorry about the stove issue. If so many people have problems, you would think they would resolve it and fix whatever is causing it. That should be easier in the long run than dealing with people upset all of the time, especially for what appliances cost.
    I had the same scratching, water spot problem with my stainless farm-style sink in our old house. When we replaced this one I opted for a double bowl porcelain one. It may look old fashioned but I don't have to deal with scratches. I even used barkeepers friend on it all of the time and it still frustrated me. The sink in our big camper we lived in was like yours. I used the same method you are to keep it nice.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Look at you get all organized! I love the flooring! That is so cheap of Frigidaire to opt out of the customer service! I wonder if a local appliance repair man could replace your insulation>?

  6. Did you finance the stove? You may be able to get help there. I can't believe neither Lowes nor Frigidaire will allow you to return it. Have you tried turning to social media? Sometimes companies will react and fix the problem when it goes public. I'm so sorry your new kitchen is giving you so much trouble. I love stainless steel sinks and it does kill me when they get that first scratch... but then I love the well loved and used look they get soon after.