Sunday, February 13, 2022

More Olympic Knitting


Althea got a bath yesterday morning. She's in the kitchen drying now. I sure didn't need her yesterday. It was 60 degrees and sunny again. 

Now I've got two empty knitting stands. I sure don't need another sweater but looking at those stands sitting here all empty makes me sad. I need to take a look in my Ravelry queue. 

I've still got the Holm mitt to work on. It's been my daytime Olympic knitting project. I got up at 6 am yesterday to watch the ice dancing and got another section done. I think there's only one more before the decreases.

For some reason all I want to do is knit while I am watching all the skating, skiing, jumping and sliding. I've got two Lofotens now. I tried working on some stitching while I watch but it didn't feel right. It's got to be yarn.

That's not altogether a bad thing I suppose. I've made a lot of progress on little sweater Number 7 already. I am sure once spring gets here all that lovely mojo will disappear with the warm weather. It always does.


  1. Nice wrap up for that sweater line-up!
    the mittens are going to be classic beauties!
    Nice progress on the socks already!

  2. I think the colors on sweater #7 are my favorite so far.

    Happy knitting.

  3. Althea is beautiful. Love those mittens, too.

  4. You know your craft se1f we11! Im a bit worried about my shaky 1eft hand. I may have just overused it with a11 the knitting. i haven't gone a day without in a 1ong time due to covid and staying in. I can't not knit!

  5. Althea is so pretty after her bath. Those socks, oh my! Love that color.
    You've got lots of great things on the needles. I haven't had time to watch one single Olympic event this year. With getting the trailer and trying to get the house put back together it's been crazy here. No TV time to speak of. I hope to do a post with pictures of the floor tomorrow.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. The sweater is just so pretty! The mitts will look awesome with it next year. .... Assuming you focus on them rather than filling the new knitting bins. :)