Wednesday, February 9, 2022

On the Road


We've really hit the ground running with this new freedom thing. We've got so much to catch up on like getting rid of all the stuff I had piled up in the downstairs craft room. I couldn't even get in the door. It was sunny and in the 40's yesterday so we loaded it all up and headed out to Annapolis to Goodwill.

We stopped on the way to let Pup stretch her legs. It's been a while since we've been out and about. It felt good. As you can see there wasn't anyone around which was was odd on such a nice day.

It's about a 40 minute ride to Annapolis and when we got there..........Goodwill was NOT taking donations. Thank goodness for smart phones because I found another one that was but it was a long ways away. We hit the road again and drove another 30 minutes. It was good to unload it all. 

The long day of driving wasn't all bad. We got donuts for the long ride home. We also stopped at a park and walked Pup around a big pond. 

I can finally get to my art stuff again but the room is a mess. It's been the cat's playground for months now. I guess today it will get a good cleaning. 

While I am doing that The Mister will most likely be fighting the battle of the stove with the Frigidaire people since we are able to let a technician in again. Since we would be gone all day yesterday we gave it another burn off before we left and once again the house filled up with terrible fumes. 

And I need to make another correction with the new little Grand. I didn't mean that he got 16 shots that day. What I meant to say was that infants get a total of 16 shots now to complete their immunization schedule and on Monday he continued the process with the second one for HepB. He got the first one in the hospital when he was born-which is all new to me. Babies really do end up being pin cushions these days. 


  1. That must have been so frustrating about the Goodwill. When I want stuff gone, I want it gone NOW! I don't blame you for heading off to the other one.

    Oh, that little babe!!! He is just too cute with his sticky-up hair. I remember those days with mine. He had that same style. LOL

    Enjoy every precious moment with him.

  2. Glad you could find another place to take your stuff!! We have had no issues donating to places and my friend in MD has not either. Looks like a beautiful day - blue sky, a chance for pup to stretch and donuts!!!

  3. It's so freeing to get rid of stuff. We got rid of a pile before we moved, and another pile after we moved. Now I just have to keep my MIL from filling our house with stuff from Grandma's place. Getting Dave to say a polite "no thank-you, we have no need for it" is a real challenge.

  4. Hi Deb. That grand baby is sweet sweet sweet. The Hair!!!!!!!
    I'm g1ad you found somewhere to donate. It is very inconsistent with COVID. Even our anima1 she1ter is restrictive. I'd take a heart donut p1ease

  5. Your little grand is just so cute! I can't get over all of that hair. My babies were all bald. Poor Mandy had NO hair until she was over one year old. I always dressed her in pink frilly things. Now she has the thickest, wonderful hair so I guess it all evened out!
    Sorry about the Goodwill thing. What a pain, but at least it was a gorgeous day with stops on the boardwalk and for donuts too. Yum.
    It will be like a treasure hunt in your craft room after so long away.

  6. Some thrift shops here are currently not accepting donations because they have too much stuff. It seems people have been downsizing during COVID isolation. Prices at the thrift shops have also skyrocketed, which I don’t understand.

  7. Sorry to hear that new stove is still stinky:(

  8. Glad you found a GoodWill that was accepting donations. Ours wasn't taking clothing/fabric items because of covid, but they were accepting books. I never understood that. You can wash clothes and if someone is sick, they are much more likely to be laying on the couch coughing into their book pages than trying on all their ill-fitting clothes. But thankfully, no matter, they are taking everything now. :)

  9. Aw, poor baby pincushion!
    Doesn't it feel great to get rid of stuff. I love it. However, I do go overboard and have re-bought a few things.
    Annapolis. I must have told you I lived there 85-86. I really want to get back. I'm thinking of touring Md and Va this summer.

  10. It had to feel so great to clean out a bunch of stuff! That stove situation really is frustrating! I hope you made some progress in the studio! He looks like he is admiring the world...

  11. Adorable, sweet baby! What the heck is going on with that stove? Grrrr….
    Stay well, V.