Thursday, February 17, 2022



I just had to turn off the Olympics yesterday and get off the couch for a while. I headed off to the sewing room and picked up a familiar WIP. I've been working on the Sunflower quilt for ages. It's a kit from Connecting Threads. I started working on it in the spring of 2019. 

It was the first time I used this new little doohickey and it worked like a charm. I saw it on one of Val's posts and it sure made sewing all those corners on easier. I used to have to take the time to mark everyone. Not anymore. 

I've got a very big pile of these blocks now. I think I have three more to go before I can start assembling. I never meant to make them all because something this big is going to be a royal pain to machine quilt but they are just too much fun to make. 

I also got to use my new cutter from Connecting Threads for the first time. I got it for a great price on their Black Friday sale and I have to say it's the best cutter I've ever used. Now I want to cut up all the things.


  1. What happy colors those fabrics are.

    The right tools sure make crafting more fun for sure.

  2. Isn't that line template a great gadget? Saves scads of time! I still draw lines on bigger blocks (like when I'm doing 8 at a time HSTs and what not), but for those small ones, it's a amazing!

    I love that sunflower block. I'm going to have to do one of those!

  3. What is this tool called? I desperately need it!
    Oh, and those squares are super cute!

  4. I love those blocks Debbie. I agree about the right tools too. I've been stitching with no hoop because my roller frame disappeared in the move. I bought a round one today and I think it will work well.

  5. How nice to see this quilt top again! The new stitching template has to make a huge difference--I've been tempted to get one! The new cutter looks ergonomically made, too!

  6. Love it when you find a good tool that works well. Your blocks will make a great quilt.