Friday, February 25, 2022

Early Mornings and Late Nights


The Mister is in construction mode which means I don't have a minute to myself these days. I was feeling grumpy about not doing anything fun so yesterday I got up really early and worked on my recent artsy projects in the downstairs craft room.

In that lovely quiet I even got a bit more done on Rainbow Kitty. See those lines? That's the border. It's getting closer.

I've tried in vain to get some knitting done while The Mister does his usual morning hemming and hawing over the floor issue. He wakes up full of ideas on how to do things differently so I just listen then proceed to show him why he's crazy. We got nothing done again yesterday but lots of measuring, moving stuff around and yelling. Good times. 

The night before I stayed up late and after everyone was asleep found enough quiet time to finish the first sleeve on advent sweater Number 7. I can't keep this pace up for very long but at least I didn't go the whole week with nothing to show for it. 


  1. Maybe being able to work at least a bit on your projects will enable you to keep your sanity while the floor is still in a mess. :-) We can hope anyway. And Rainbow Kitty is on the way to being a finished kitty. How exciting!

  2. Oh I cannot wait to see Rainbow Kitty all finished!! Glad you found a little bit of time to yourself.

  3. You just hit the nail on the head with why it's taking me so long to get my laundry room cove done... If I don't have time for crafty things, I get grumpy. And work keeps me so busy right now, that weekend are the only time I have for real craftiness (I dont count evenings because I only get an hour or so lately). So if I have to mud drywall instead of sew... I'm in a bad mood!
    I didn't realize it until you said it!

  4. Hope you find a way with the floor soon...frustrating for sure:(

  5. Goodness there is so much going on around your p1ace. You are devoted to stay up 1ate to knit!

  6. Yup, it is rough not to have or daily oasis of yarn/creativity!

  7. Wow, that floor project is a challenging process! Sure glad you have some projects for time off or distraction! Love that sock yarn. What pattern are you using?