Friday, February 4, 2022

Olympic Fever


Even before the Olympics officially started today I was watching. Knitting in front of a sporting event is something The Mister can relate to so he lets me be. 

I don't have a designated Olympic project. I've got too many fun things in progress. I got the arms on Number 6 underway watching curling and women's hockey yesterday morning.

I also turned the heels on the Lofoten socks.

I'm getting closer to finishing Althea. When the live events aren't on I watch the re-runs and the back stories on the Olympic Channel

I also flew through another section on the Holm mitten. 

The Olympics always gives me hope that one day the world will come to its senses and get its stuff together. Imagine.


  1. I sure wish that would be true.

    I haven't watched ALL of the Olympic coverage, but I sure did enjoy last night's prime time show. Ahhhhhhhhh....the ice skating! It sure does make me miss my skates.

  2. What a concept, huh? Love your projects - especially those socks - they are gorgeous.

  3. Nice projects you have there. I need to find the Olympic project I started last time! Socks, I think. Oh, those WIPS!

  4. WOuldn't that be nice? You are going to get so much done during the Olympics.

  5. I watched a little skating but that is all so far!:)

  6. All beautiful projects! I don't have an official Olympics project either but I have definitely been enjoying crafting random projects while I obsessively watch. I'm struggling to enjoy curling though. Looks a little too much like someone screaming at someone else while they Swiffer to be enjoyable. :)