Friday, February 11, 2022



Well, hello everybody. Pup and I spent a long time in the car yesterday waiting for her ear re-check. 

Once the tech took her in I got some knitting done. The Lofotens are actually a done deal now. I'll show them off tomorrow. 

Her ear is still not as clear as the vet would like so it's 5 more days on the drops. She also now has a shampoo and a mousse for her itch. She also got her annual shots so she was one sleepy Pup for the rest of the day which was nice. I've been up too late watching the Olympics and needed a long nap when we got home. 

That's The Mister in the little green tent they put up so you can pay your bill without going in. Last week it was $350 and this week it was $250. Pups sure don't come cheap these days. 


  1. I sure hope this round of drops takes care of Pup's ears. Also, I think the shampoo and mouse will help her. I know different shampoos make a huge difference.
    And I agree, pups sure don't come cheap these days.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Hope Pup is better soon.

    Yikes on those bills!

  3. Definitely not cheap having a pet (or pets). Glad she is getting her meds. The Lofotens are gorgeous.

  4. I hope for both your sakes that this round of meds does the trick!

  5. They are worth every penny though. Hopefully the shampoo and such give her some relief

  6. poot puppy. The post with your sweaters for advent are so cute. Your sock finish is great.

  7. Aww, poor Pup. Hope she's feeling better soon!