Thursday, February 3, 2022

Bombs Away!


My squeaky clean soap corner is not so squeaky clean anymore. Yesterday I made a batch of bath bombs. 

My skin has been dry and itchy this winter so I loaded them up with cocoa and shea butter with a big splash of coconut and grapeseed oil. I used my mooncake presses seeing it was the Lunar New Year. 

I've got quite a collection of these pretty presses and they make a lovely and easy to make bomb. I added a hint of lemon essential oil this time around and they smell heavenly.  It's going to be so hard watching them dry for a few days. 

Unlike some other endeavors I take up in the soap corner, bomb making didn't take up my whole day. I also had time to get a few more rows on the Holm mitten. It really is potato chip knitting. I get grouchy if anyone or anything interrupts me-which is about every few minutes or so around here. 


  1. Those bombs are beautiful and so elegant looking. I can almost smell them from your description.
    Gorgeous mitten too. I'm always amazed at the beauty of your colorwork. I've never been able to control my tension enough to be able to do that. So pretty.

  2. Aren't those the cutest bombs? Your knitting is so pretty, though I don't understand how you can call colorwork like that potato chip knitting!!

  3. Those bath bombs are way to pretty to dissolve!
    The mitten is very pretty. Colorwork can be potato chip-like -- if it's not too hard!

  4. Those bombs are so pretty!

    Love the colour combo you chose for your mitts!

  5. The mitten is pretty but the sock (?) in the basket makes my heart sing! The the bath bombs - they are too pretty to use.

  6. Oh, I can almost smell the lemony bath bombs!
    the mittens are turning out beautifully!

  7. The bath bombs are SO pretty.

  8. Yum! I bet the bath bombs will be heavenly on your skin. Love the mitt!