Thursday, February 24, 2022

Floorwork Part 2


Yesterday we spent the day measuring. We know the walls are not straight so we had to figure out how to get the floor planks going in a straight line. It was another morning of watching videos and yelling at each other but the weather was beautiful so none of it seemed as dire as the day before. 

The Mister had given me this tool bag filled with tools and yesterday I had them out. I was ready to work.

He also got me this tool kit but I have no idea what most of this does.

We got some things figured out but as I mentioned it was 73 degrees out so we knocked off early to take Pup for a walk, do a grocery pick up and...

....get some takeout for dinner. But the best thing? Mr. DIY or Die called the floor place to see about getting an estimate to put it down if we can't figure it out. Hell must have frozen over.

Speaking of frozen over, spring seems to have sprung but the flora hasn't been keeping up with the weather reports. Tomorrow we're back in the deep freeze.


  1. Love your tool kit. I, unfortunately, do know what most of those are for and use many of them regularly. That's what happens when you own five different houses in 40 years and so all projects alongside your spouse like you and the Mister have been doing.
    I sure hope he decides to have someone else do the floor. They would probably have it all done in one day! And you would be finished. Finito! Can you imagine? It would be worth it to not have to hassle with it yourself.
    We're SO cold here. Tonight will be well below zero again and the windchill doesn't even bear thinking about. Snow is forecast for tomorrow.

  2. I would have no idea how to use any of those tools!! LOL I've seen crocus buds here, but no flowers yet...and, like you, we are back to freezing temps and a wintry weather warning...

  3. I love to have my own tools so I always know where they are! Cool. I am so excited for you--to think it might be installed and done soon! YIPPEE!

  4. 73 degrees? Wow! That's only 43 degrees warmer than here, and we have some snow on the ground, too. I think I'm jealous. Looks like you're on the way to a very pretty and finished floor.

  5. Lol... I like the way you do things - yell, eat food, call a professional!

    Dave and I just had a drywaller in to give us an estimate on our livingroom/diningroom hall combo. We told him we could hang the drywall, and do the priming and painting afterwards, we just literally wanted to have some one come in and tape and mud it. We haven't gotten the estimate back, but from the look on the guy's face, I think it's going to be worth paying him just so I don't have to do it! Sometimes you've got to decide how much your time and frustration is worth!

  6. Nice tools! I keep a set in my trunk. I may not know how to use all of them, but if I break down someone will.

  7. We are definitely "call somebody" kind of people. LOL That would be the way I'd go and call it a day.

    The crocus is such a tease. We are expecting a wintery-mix tonight. UGH!